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October 2023

Date: 10/21/23 Opening Prayer: Pastor JR Start Time: 11:35am

Attendance: Amber Povey, Angel Dutton, Denny Goff, Nancy Goff, Christen Chapin, Pastor JR Skiver, Breezy Smith Guests: JJ Rowell, Shannon Rowell, Toby Ervin, Josh Dingman, Autumn Book

President's Report: Still need positions filled. Pray for future director and co. The final proposal of the bylaws will be sent out today to be reviewed. 

Spiritual Director's Report: No scripture prepared. 

Secretary's Report: Denny motioned to accept September's board meeting, Christen 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Need to figure out name tags. Angel found some nametag holders but I will need to figure out how to get logo tags to write the names on. 

Treasurer's Report: Denny motioned to receive treasurer's report, Breezy 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

           9/01/23-$2,332.46, zoom-$16.95 and $650 were taken out. As of 10/21/23 our balance is $1665.51.

Inventory Report: Still looking for good window paper. Angel found some rolls, $20 per roll of paper. Toby will be replacing some of the totes that have been damaged on the trailers. All other necessities, we have. 

Old Business: Bylaws-Christen motioned to accept the final proposal of the bylaws, Breezy 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. They will be presented to the public for 15 days, then they will go into effect in December. 

New Business: Angel has one person in mind for the spring weekend, but has to keep praying and talk to them.

Fall Weekend-All positions except for possibly 2 have been filled, CIA-teen talk and a cook. The potluck and commissioning is the 4th at 4pm. 

Pastor JR motioned to adjourn meeting

Closing prayer: Pastor JR End Time: 11:59pm Next meeting: 11/18/23

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