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July 2023

Date: 7/22/23           Time: 1:13pm           Opening Prayer: Pastor JR

Attendance: Denny Goff, Nancy Goff, Pastor JR Skiver, Christen Chapin, Amber Povey, Breezy Smith, Anita Bikowitz, Guests: Randal Chapin

President's Report: Jj Rowell has dates for team meetings, a church (Kalkaska UMC), possibly a song (Ok by Josh Wilson), and possibly 1 Peter 5:6-7 as the verse. There is an issue with the fact that this will be the third weekend in a row at this same church but Jj has stated that he looked elsewhere and there was no availability.

Spiritual Director's Report: We have a spiritual director!! Pastor JR Skiver is officially ours! No devotion prepared for today but he has stated that his church is open to weekends!

Secretary's Report: Denny motioned to accept revised June minutes ( add in Denny motioned to adjourn meeting at the end), Angel 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Double check that historian book is updated along with website. Angel and Amber will renew P.O. Box within the next month. 

Inventory Report: Still need window paper. The Bibles that are normally purchased for the weekends have gone up from $2.96 to $3.00 now. Christen motioned that we stick to purchasing these Bibles at $3.00 a Bible, Anita 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Treasurer's Report: Still need a treasurer! At the end of June, our balance was $2,383.31. Zoom was taken out, after that the balance is now $2,366.36.

Denny motioned to receive treasurer's report, JR 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Old Business: Bylaws- Final proposal needs article 5 reformatted to match the rest of the bylaws and then it will be set for everyone on the board to review. This next review will be the last before submitting to the community for them to read and address their concerns. When posted to the community, Angel's contact info will be listed so their concerns will be sent to her. 

New Business: no new business

Next Month: letter of recommendation and intent of Tamberlynn to be VP. 

September 16th, will be next meeting, skipping August meeting. Denny motioned to skip August meeting, Christen 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Prayer Requests/ Praise Reports: Christen- Julie Sharpe is cancer free!! Pastor Todd's church is changing denominations and for his health. Adam Zachow-for strength in his situation. Jared and Kayla- guidance. Fall Weekend. 

Closing Prayer: Pastor JR

Denny motioned to adjourn meeting, Christen 2nd, all in favor none opposed

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