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Teen Talk

The Deco- Tec weekends mean a lot to me because it completely changes you. You go into that weekend and come out a whole different person. It is a life changing experience and i absolutely love working the weekends. It is so great meeting new people and watching them come closer to God as i do. I recommend anyone who has even thought about going go, its amazing and you will not regret it.

-Evelyn    Weekend #23

I went in to my Deco-TEC weekend scared. I wasn't a fan of people I didn't know, and if I'm being honest, I was hyperventilating in the car on the way there. At one time, I was bawling my eyes out because I wasn't sitting near anyone I knew, and I figured I had gone long enough without my mom. I'm proud to say that that is no longer me. The old me was shy, and quiet, and terrified of other people. Since my weekend, God has been working in me to change that. My table (named Courageous) went into the sanctuary to pray for each other, and I asked for prayer that my shell would be broken. God broke my shell at church camp. Now I want to talk to everyone if it means they will see how God has changed me, my friend and I are following God's will for us by starting a band to show His love to everyone, and in general, I just feel less afraid. Even though the change didn't take place at Deco-TEC, it is where I admitted for the first time, verbally, that I hated how shy I was. I used to call myself a xenophobe, which is someone who is scared of people. Now, my biggest fear is not telling people what an awesome God I have. Had I not gone to Deco-TEC, I might never have taken that first step in asking for my shell to be shattered, and I might never have realized that there were people who loved me enough to pray that it would be. 


-Laramie; Weekend #26 

To be absolutely straightforward, Deco-TEC changed my life; every change was for the better. When I made my weekend back in ninth grade, I became a part of a family that has not left my side since my first weekend. The people I have met through Deco-TEC genuinely care for me and I know I can trust them unconditionally. Deco-TEC has blessed my life more and more every year and it always brings me closer to Christ.

-Rachael, Weekend #21

 My first Deco-TEC weekend was a life changing experience. I've had a difficult childhood filled with obstacles that i've learned to overcome through God. My parents got a divorce when i was 10 and because of it i matured fast and learned how to fend for myself. I attempted to control the feelings of my whole family. I was most oftenly put in the middle of things and had to try to make my mother, father, and yonger brother happy. I started attending church with my dad and we ended up staying at the church that i consider my home church, Grayling Assembly of God. God put new people in my life to help me on my faith journey. After attending service and youth group for a while, my youth leader and some friends convinced me to join a Deco-TEC weekend. I was very shy at first and thought it would be miserable, but i soon warmed up to some newly aquainted friends that i am still close to today. The speakers and other mentors on the weekend helped me see a brighter side to my life. All the obstacles you face make you stronger through Jesus our savior. I finally had a close knit relationship with God. Since my first weekend i have attended three more weekends which i worked. I have shared this same testomony in a talk that i gave on weekend #26, and it is an amazing feeling being told that your testomony helped open someone elses eyes to see God's work in a greater perspecive. Some advice, no matter what comes your way, God is always there to help you through it. You are never alone. God bless.

-Watkins, Weekend #23

 Deco-TEC has been a blessing in my life. I made weekend #23, and have served on #25 and #27. This past weekend has been so humbling and so much fun and such a blessing. I served as a wheatie and loved it. It was so nice to hear how the candidates felt about the weekend and that i had a hand in everything that happened. You could tell that the weekend was filled with love. 

-Cheyenne Weekend #23 

Tec is a great ministry for teens. I was a candidate on weekend #11 and was a part of every weekend until weekend #18. Deco Tec changed my life forever, so the least I can do is tell people how it has impacted my life even as I am in the Middle East for a third time this decade. I follow the events closely on FB and am thrilled that Tec is still going strong. I'm looking forward to geting back involved after my enlistment in the military ends soon.

-Adam weekend #11

 I have been apart of the deco tec community for a few years now and I have to say, saying yes to weekend #33(my first weekend), was the best decision I have ever made. It showed me to a whole new world. Before I had gone, I started going to youth group and that is what led me to deco tec. I had no idea so many people knew Jesus. It was so amazing and still is. I have met so many people and have so many wonderful and Jesus filled friendships. I don't regret a single moment. I have grown so much since my first weekend and I wouldn't trade it for anything ever. I always learn something new and I never get tired of all the love and support. I would not count recommend going on a weekend, it truly is a life changer! 

-Amber Weekend #33

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