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May 2023

Date:5/24/23           Time: 6:37pm          Opening Prayer: Angel Dutton 

Attendance: Angel Dutton, Breezy Smith, Amber Povey, Anita Bikowitz, Denny Goff, Nancy Goff

President's Report: Reiterate the time constraint we have concerning talks- timing is everything when it comes to a good low on the weekends. It needs to be made a priority to all those in charge on the weekends. Emphasize to the talkistas and possibly have a one and done talk with them stating that if they will not respect the time given for their talk then they don't need to give a talk at all. If they do not, it may take away from a time when someone needed to hear from someone else but wasn't given the chance due to one person not honoring the time given. We are also still in need of a Vice President and a Treasurer. 

Spiritual Director's Report: Galatians 6:2 Bear each other's burdens. Help them but do not take on their burdens as your own. There is an important difference between empathizing and taking on one's problems as your own. Doing so only makes things worse, it takes away the light in the situation. 

Treasurer's Report: 3/27/23-$2720.21, as of 4/30/23 the balance was 2400.26 $300.00 and $3.00 was taken out for KUMC as the last check was never cashed, $16.95 was taken out for zoom-went up $1.00. Amber motioned to accept treasurer's report, Denny 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Secretary's Report: Denny motioned to accept April's meeting minutes with the correction of the weekend number mentioned being changed from 27 to 47. 

Inventory Report: Still planning on buying window paper and Bibles. 

New Business: There is a meeting app that is free and we should test it out to maybe get out of having to pay a fee such as Zoom. There is a Spiritual Director's nomination- JR Skiver has asked if he could step in as SD, would only be able to attend in person every other month, the odd ones he would video chat for. Angel motioned to accept this nomination, Breezy 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried. 

Old Business: Bylaws: Question about treasurer responsibility not being listed, should it be? There should be descriptions for all board member positions- Article 3 except adult at large and teen at large. Page numbers will also need to be added on the final copy.

Prayer Requests/Praise Reports: Terry Rutzen asked to be put on the Alpha List!!- She is interested in giving a talk!! Tamberlynn- back surgery and housing situation. Stan V and Tom L.-Denny and Nancy's friends- for comfort and peace and a smooth transition in their sickness. Dan and Julie Sharpe-Dj going from student to Pastor! Steve and Julie King- Steve has cancer. Angel has a grandson on the way! Denny and Nancy also have a grandbaby one the way!! Amber's grandparents are finally done with all their surgeries and almost back to a normal life! Nola Ervin had been cleared of cancer, 5 years after being diagnosed! God is good!!

Closing Prayer: Nancy

End Time: 7:29pm

Next Meeting: 6/21/23-6pm

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