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January 2023

Date: 1/28/2023          Time:11:25am           Opening Prayer:Angel Dutton

Attendance: Amber Povey, Angel Dutton, Breezy Dutton, Denny Goff, Nancy Goff, Christen Chapin

Guests: Adam Zachow, Chris Chapin, Reece Chapin, Joshua Dingman, Rose Rowell, Katie Warren, JJ Rowell, Shannon Rowell, Lexi Hart, Anthony Zachow, Connor Warren, Kailynne and Alyssa Skiller

President's Report: Still don't have a Treasurer, Deanna has not met up at all to sign onto the account so we need a new person for the position. But, the ministry is growing and doing very well!! 

Spiritual Director's Report: Not present.

Treasurer's Report: Zoom came out. Current account balance is $1,495.46. The transaction reports are now $3 to have one printed from the bank so Angel put her email on the account to be sent monthly emails and they will be printed off at home now.

Denny motioned to accept the treasurer's report, Amber 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Secretary/Registrar/Historian/Webmaster's Report: Have to correct the weekend # on the December's 2022 board meeting minutes. Need to update the board members on the website. The historian's book has been updated.

Denny motioned to receive the updated 12/17/22 meeting minutes, Christen 2nd, all in favor, none opposed, motion carried.

Inventory Report: Everything is good.

New Business: Christen has 1 security from Muskegon so he would have to be roamer- All in favor, none opposed.

By-law committee/Old Business: The board met (Angel, Pastor Todd, Christen, Breezy, Dan, Nancy, Denny, and Amber) and went over all highlights and questions, a new draft is being typed up followed by another meeting to go over it again before releasing it to the community.

Prayer Requests: Weekend #46- hedge of protection, Adam Zachow's good friend committed suicide, Nola Ervin- her health and she quite nicotine, Adam's mom- the loss of his dad, Dave+Caroline- their son undergoing cancer treatments and they are having to care for him, Pastor Todd's travels and he and his wife are on vacation, Shannon's sister, Mike Emerson-depression

Closing Prayer:Amber          Closing Time:11:59am

Next Meeting:2/18/23

Denny motioned to adjourn meeting, Breezy 2nd.

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