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September 2018 Meeting Minutes

September 15, 2018 Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance Angel Dutton, Ben Smith, Breezy Smith, Mitch Mitchem, Linda Mitchem, Mel Dunn, Morgan Povey, Amber Povey, Deanna Marie Hagerman

Meeting called to order at 11:42am by Angel Dutton

Opening Prayer by Ben Smith

Approval of minutes:

Linda Mitchem motioned to accept the minutes as written. Amber Povey 2nd the motion. Motion approved.

President report: Angel wondered if T.E.C. had a faith statement. It is Dying in Christ. Rising in Christ, Going in Christ. Angel is working on the Alpha list on an Excel spreadsheet. Talked about what should be in the folders.

Spiritual Director report:

Ben gave us a scripture he wanted us to take it and do what we need to with it. 1 Peter 5:8

Treasurer's report:

Nothing has changed. $1208.57. Breezy will buy checks. Linda motioned to accept the treasurer's report. Ben 2nd the motion. All in favor, non opposed, Motion carried.

Historians/Registration Report:

$38 needs to be paid for the P.O. Box. Breezy motioned we pay it. Morgan 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Director’s report:

Team is filled for the most part. Sarah James is doing the Christian life talk. Brenna Johnston is doing the prodigal. I want to send brochures to church to see if we can get more teens on the weekend.

Inventory report:

Trailers are good, with the exception of people putting things back in the wrong totes and we can’t find the button maker. We talked about spraying the beds with antibacterial spray after each use. We need to get sheets to put on the foams.

Old business:

By laws are complete. Just need to make copies.


Nothing new.

New Business:


Team meeting 2nd at KUMC 2-4

Board meeting Oct. 20 10am Traverse City.


We need to ask more churches. 

Prayers for Anita B. for her husband, Prayers for Charlie Armstrong. William needs prayers also. Prayers for Mel and Angels’s Mom, Nola. Praise for people who came to support Mel’s benefit. Prayers for Mitch with is final VA disability evaluation. Prayers that Breezy has a good pregnancy without getting sick.

Linda motioned to end the meeting. Amber 2nd to close at 1:11pm

Ben Smith closed us in prayer.

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