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November 2020 Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Dan Sharpe, Anita Bikowitz, Mitch Mitchem, Breezy Smith, Amber Povey, Michael Emerson, Angel Dutton, Melissa (Mel) Dunn

Opening Prayer: Dan Sharpe

President Report/Devotional:

James 3:17,18

Spiritual Director Report: POSITION OPEN (for now....)

Caroline Bartlett would be interested with some help. Dan Sharpe talked to an individual from Kentucky (D.J. Sharpe) about doing this as well however he said the same as Caroline. Anita has reached out to Scott Rutzen, He may be interested, he lives in Georgia. He stated he is already qualified as spiritual director. Melissa suggested Steve Jones. Breezy will reach out to Todd Shafer to see what he says. Dan S. will talk to Caroline and D.J., Anita and Dan will talk to Scott Rutzen. Melissa will try to get a hold of Steve Jones.

Treasurer Report: Angel Dutton said we still have $930.97 unchanged from previous month. Anita made a motion to receive the treasurer report as made. Motion 2nd by Amber Povey. All in favor. Motion passed.

Secretary/Historian/Registration/Webmaster Report: Mel Dunn

Mel didn’t get to get a new PO Box because she went into the hospital, but will work on that this coming week. Amber Povey is still on board to shadow with registration.

Amber Povey motioned to accept the October minutes as written. Breezy Smith 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

Inventory Report: Mitch Mitchem (for Toby Ervin)

Trailers are still at the Mitchem’s

Old Business:

Renewal Weekend

JR Skiver sent a new revised Schedule

Theme: Breakthrough

Theme Verse: Proverbs 3:5+6

Theme Song: The Fathers House

Saturday- Deco-TEC Get together starting at NOON

12:30 PM Lunch Potluck

1 pm: Fourth Day Check-in

1:35 pm- Meditation- Spiritual Director

1:55 pm- Music

2:05 pm- Talk:

2:25 Introduce Skits and Rules

2:30- 4th Day Check in- Group skit making time

2:50 Bathroom/snack break

3 pm- Sanctuary Worship – JR Skiver

Breakfast Scene

First Church Scene

Message: It’s time to serve God in his house

Songs: The Fathers House- Cory Asbury

Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone

Come Now Is the Time to Worship

Blessed Be Your Name

Verses: Proverbs 3: 1-8

3:40- COVID Testimony (1 or 2)-

4:20 - Meditation- Spiritual Director

4:40 Bathroom Break

4:45 pm- Skits but with rules (Laughter Time/ Secret Judges)

5:45 dinner- sandwiches

6:20 pm- Sanctuary Worship- JR Skiver

Message: It’s time to have faith

You’re the best scene

Dr’s scene

Oceans Scene

Songs: Glorious Day


This is Amazing Grace

Open the eyes of my heart Lord

Verses: Matthew 14:22-36

6:50- Bathroom Break

6:55 pm- Meditation- Spiritual Director

7:15 pm COVID Testimony (1 or 2)-

7:50 pm- Group Time: (Adult group leaders)

8:25 Bathroom Break

8:30 pm- Music with Dylan?

9:15 pm- Ice Cream Social

9:55 Introduce Movie- Quick review of day

10 pm- Breakthrough Movie

12:30 am - Lights Out


8 am- Pack up

8:45 am- Meditation- Spiritual Director

9 am- Breakfast- Eggs/Bacon/Pancakes LOTS OF COFFEE

10 am- Church Worship

11 am- Fellowship

Noon- Lunch- Grilled Cheese and soups

12:30 pm Last Worship- JR Skiver

Message: God has a plan

Songs: Nobody

Lord I Lift Your Name on High


Your love awakens me

Verses: Jeremiah 29:10-14

1 pm- Meditation- Spiritual Director

1:30 pm COVID Testimony (1 or 2)-

2 pm- Bathroom and snack

2:15 pm - Closing

3 pm- Time to go Home

Dan and Anita believe we need more teen involvement, but the devotional part is great!

Bible Trivia: We had a test run, a good time was had by all. We would like to move forward with it. We don’t want to limit it to an exact amount of players. We would like to go to a multiple week format. Dec 8, 22, Jan 5 first session. 7pm. For the winner, Anita will donate the cost (scholarship) for one weekend of his/her choice, for a team member or applicant for the first winner. An alternative could be a gift card of their choice. Dan will put something on the Facebook site about this. Anita thinks they should be able to earn extra points to invite a new person that hasn’t attended a weekend before. They would get an extra 10 points if someone joins the trivia that hasn’t attended a weekend before.

New Business

N.M. D-TEC Board election: Nominations

Dan nominated Linda Mitchem for Adult at Large. Anita Bikowitz 2nd the nomination.

Dan nominated Anita Bikowitz for Adult at Large. Breezy Smith 2nd the nomination.

Anita Bikowitz nominated Michael Emerson for Adult at Large. Amber Povey 2nd the nomination.

We have an open vice president position available. And Spiritual director position available.

Prayer Requests:

Prayers for Haley Hayes, she has COVID-19. Kathy, Charlie and William Armstrong prayers for health from COVID-19. Prayers for the country for the pandemic. Prayers for everyone’s Thanksgivings. Prayers for Sue Dunn (Melissa’s Step mom), she has stage 4 lung cancer.

Dan Sharpe prayed us out.

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