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November 2018 Meeting Minutes

Deco T.E.C. Meeting November 2018

Dan Fritzsche motioned to call the meeting to order Amber povey 2nd the motion.

Angel called to meeting to order at 2:19pm.

Ben Smith opened us in prayer.

Attendance: Angel Dutton, Dan Fritzsche, Mel Dunn, JR Skiver, Deanna Hagerman, Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Jeanette Swartout, Amber Povey, Breezy Smith, Ben Smith, Morgan Povey,

Approval of october minutes:Linda read the minutes aloud. Ben made a motion to accept the minutes. Breezy 2nd the motion. All in favor. None opposed motion carried.

President report:

Weekend concerns:

Amber did a good job Friday night, however we should have folders set out after dinner. That way we have a total count so we can keep things in order.

Prodigal needs to be kept closer to time. Ben suggested that the prodigal should be given in it’s entirety to the spiritual directors previous to the weekend. We need to start enforcing that talks be taken care of earlier. And maybe we should go through the outlines and revamp them.

Introduction cards should be done at dinner.

Purple talk needs to be in the long schedule. And should be talked about each day.

God’s time needs to be explained. Completed team list should be given to the board before the weekend.

More than two cooks in the kitchen. But there were three.. We just needed more kitchen help. And it’s an important position to have the Kitchen help coordinator.

Banners- it doesn’t say when the banners get put up in the long schedule, who does it and when that all happens. There is nothing that says when they are supposed to be put up and who is supposed to put them up. 

The Wheat leader manual needs to be revamped and more organized so as to let the person know everything that needs to be done. Many things are not listed in the manuals per job description and we need to address those issues. Also when someone asks where items are we should be more clear and not just say it’s in the tote.

We need a binder for the trailers with totes numbered and what's in the totes listed in the binder. The head wheat leader would be responsible for keeping the binder matching up to the totes. If something comes up missing or broken we can address it right then, or figure out a way to get things fixed in a timely manner.

It would be good to have a TEC wheatie position on the weekend, one who would hold onto a usb drive for the year and have powerpoints set up and such. JR Skiver suggested.

Jeanette brought to our attention that one of the stainless shallow steam tray pans owned by the church that was used on the weekend, someone, somehow it got put on the burners and warped it so we will have to replace it. 

Sponsors responsibilities. Sponsors need to know their candidates. Possible say something on the parent letter that if there are problems, to please let us know. Or if there is anything else we need to know about the candidate for the purpose of the weekend. Also during registration ask a bit more to see if there is anything that we need to know for the weekend.

We need to have a parent meeting on the weekend. Mention at team meetings that when candidates come they have to be registered first, then take their sponsor to the sponsors chapel. Mention at team meetings that when the candidates come they have to be taken to their room and their sponsor needs to be taken to the sanctuary. The candidates need to be taken to their room, after registration then taken to the social hall.

Incident report needs to be filled out for the incident with Keneniah.

The song after the bible enthronement needs to be changed or omitted from the long schedule.

We need to watch our attitude on the weekend. We need to self examine. We have to ooze that life of christianity. You need a servants heart! 

Closing packets: we should have the closing extended or slowed down to have them fill out their want to work sheets. We would have to change the time to 5 instead of 4.

Panel discussions work well at lunch sunday.

Table leader and Talkistas should talk about their responsibilities on the weekend prior to the weekend.  Talkistas need to help lead the table and be able to direct the table.

Chapel visits work best after universal call to holiness, because there is an alter call during the talk. 

We are all out of general wheat. We need to bring more to the next weekend.

By-law concern. We are suppose to have like 30 board member positions. We are don't’ have enough people on the board.

Spiritual Director report:

Perseverance... leading the christian life is not easy.  We all have those friends out there that are not christian. We all need to take a look at every single character in the bible. If you look at them all they all have one major thing in common and that is perseverance. When we persevere, we will look like a bad guy.. That's the way isn't gonna look. When our good shines out to these people that is the time we need to persevere more. You can’t be on both sides of the fence.You are either gonna be good or evil. When God looks at you and you don’t have Christ in your life he only sees sin.  If more christians would stand up there would be more believers. If you find yourself trying to justify yourself… you are wrong. If you picture god in a room and you don't want to do it infront of him. Don’t do it. 

Treasurer’s report:

$1208.57 in September. $600 to the cooks for the weekend. $53.16 walmart for inventory. $47.04 for pizza’s, $391.35 was left before the team meeting dues $536.63, $145, $320, $298 Total brought in for team meeting dues $816.63 total brought in and and another $861 after the weekend. $1677.63 brought in for the weekend #40, $2068.98 total in the account after the  weekend. Some expenses will be coming out before the next board meeting. Morgan motioned to accept the treasurer's report as told to us. Linda 2nd it. Motion carried.

Linda mentioned she was disappointed that extra money should not have been spent for extra food on the weekend. The Cooks should have covered the cost.


Caraline Bartlett gave us some pictures of past weekends that we were missing. 


We do need a plate for the trailer. BJ has a new bill of sale for the trailer and now we need to plate it. BJ has a bill of sale with DecoTECs name on it. He had it in October. 

They will work on the binder and numbering the boxes. Mitch is wanting the manuels to update.

OLD/New business:

Loyd Morris will be paying the whole ccli and we can’t share it. Breezy will get ahold of Ed Halverson to find out about it.

Directors report: 

New Director Romans 3:23-24 Had some people volunteer. Most likely the weekend of may 18th. Song God of all my days possibility. No church or date yet.

Linda motion to close the meeting Amber 2nd the meeting. Meeting closed 4:03pm

Ben Smith Closed us in prayer

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