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May 2019 Meeting Minutes

Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting Minutes May 17, 2019

Attendance: Mitch Mitchem, Linda Mitchem, Dan Sharpe, Breezy Smith, Angel Dutton, Dan Fritzsche, Mike Emerson, Amber Povey, Morgan Povey.

Opening Prayer by Linda Mitchem

Approval of Meeting minutes from April 2019. Angel Dutton motioned to accept minutes as written. Mitch 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

Spiritual Director Report: Not present to make report

Treasurer Report:

Breezy stated we have $1344.87 in the account. Mitch motioned to accept the report. Amber 2nd the motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Secretary/Historian/Registration report.

We received 2 registrations in the mail, however they can not make the weekend, we will be asking them on the outreach weekend in the summer. We received some applications via text messages.  

The Historian book is put together, will go through it again after finding another folder of pictures to see what all is still needed. Will need more page protectors though.

Inventory Report:

The trailers are at the church. All is well.

Outreach Weekend:

So far Mike Emerson has it planned for July 26-28, 2019 at Mamrelund Lutheran Church in Kent City.

New Business: Jeanette Swartout stepped down from being the next director, so the board voted for Dana O’Dell to be the next director. It was a unanimous vote.

Director Report: Should have 1-20 candidates on the weekend.

Next meeting will be June 15th from 2-4 at the Kalkaska United Methodist church.

Mike Emerson closed us in prayer

Meeting ended at 5:55pm


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