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March 2020 Board meeting minutes

March Deco T.E.C.  Board Meeting


Anita Bikowitz, Angel Dutton, Dan Sharpe, Amber Povey, Mitch Mitchem, Linda Mitchem, Mike Emerson, Breezy Smith, Jeanette Swartout, Dan Castle

Opening Prayer - Dan Sharpe, prayers for Kathy Armstrong.

President Report:

We are Not suppose to have a spirit of fear. But we also need to be wise to that what happens.

Spiritual Director Report:

Pastor Robert Collier is still praying about taking the position.

Kathy Armstrong is still trying to get Todd Shafer to take on the part. Angel Dutton will address Carmen Cook if Pastor Collier says no for sure.

Treasury Report:


Linda motioned to accept the report as received. Amber 2nd the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion passed.

Secretary/Historia/Web Designate Report:

Minutes from last meeting - Angel motioned to receive them as written. Breezy 2nd the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Inventory report:

Mitch reported for Toby Ervin. Mitch will get the paperwork for the trailer to Angel so the trailer can get plated. 

All future weekends are postponed for now because of the pandemic.

Weekend 43 report:

Dan and Gary planned on meeting the first week of April. Hope to have a weekend in June.

Outreach Weekend report:

Hoping for same church in Freemont. August 21-23

54% of the team is still on board. Prayer warriors are the same 63%.  Still need to fill one talk. 

Old Business:

Angel will put the trailer in their name. 

The webpage needs updating with board information. We would like to get everything digital.

COVID - 19

We have many people involved with compromised immune systems. Angel says we should stay with what CDC says to do. Linda suggests to not have a spring weekend. But have a late fall weekend.

*We will go month to month as fas as what goes to the community.

When we come together in April we will talk about the outreach weekend and also move the spring weekend to fall.

We will review the outreach weekend on a month to month basis.

Prayer requests:

Michael and Courtney Dunn-Haley, Amber working at a grocery store, all covered in God’s protection.

Mitch prayed us out.


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