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June 2019 Meeting Minutes

Deco TEC Board meeting minutes June 15, 2019

Attendance: Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Mel Dunn, Anita Bikowitz, Dan Sharpe, Michael Emerson.

Meeting started at 2:12pm 

Mitch opened us in prayer.

Meeting minutes:

Mitch motioned to accept the minutes as with corrections. Anita 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

President Report:

Linda is frustrated with the board, especially with the past weekend and the lack of people from the past weekend not in attendance to go over the happenings and lack of approval  of the happenings from the last weekend. She said it seemed to be a good weekend for the most part. She shared something that Todd Shafer shared with her.

“Kathy… caused too many conflicts, with too many people. My teens even said she was causing problems with them. I tried to show Christian love, however… when this influences out youth, we need to be mindful and protect.

We need to do a better job of going over job responsibilities. I’ve shared this with Angel too, ut the wheaties in the talk room area… some of them did nothing, and some were playing around, walking up and down the stairs, and distracting others from focusing on Talks.

I felt that the Vanderbilt church was not the best facility to hold a weekend.

All that being said… the 6 people that made the weekend were blessed! And that’s the main thing! So, I will not take away from what God did in their lives, through all the team.

This is not me complaining. This is me, someone who loves working with the youth. I am an observer, and I’m just giving healthy criticism.”

Linda mentioned she agreed with what Todd said and that the Director and Co should be the people to make sure the workers on a weekend know their job descriptions. 

It was mentioned that the church was a bit creepy in some places and smelled of mildew. There was no security what so ever on the weekend. It was brought up that Toby said that the prayer warriors were used for security on the weekend. However that is not in the prayer warriors job description. Kathy was the wheat room wheat leader and spent most of her time wandering the church. The wheat was not delivered as it should have been.

The kitchen, the upstairs and the sanctuary was good for the weekend in the church, but not so much the rest.

The board has decided that if a kid or adult can not follow rules then they can not or will not stay on the weekend. Also Directors and Co-Directors must read the manuals when leading a weekend.

The board has decided that Kathy Armstrong will be on probation.

Spiritual Director report:

“Jehovah Jireh. Our Lord God Provides.

We must always remember that God is our provider.  No matter what comes or goes in our lives, He is the provider.  God will bring us what we need, and make sure things leave us so he can bring us what we need when we need it.  God is absolutely generous and utterly dependable.

The resounding and recurring message of Scripture is clear:  God owns it all. God shares it all. We must under all circumstances, trust Him.  Not stuff, not money, not people, but God. Jehovah Jireh always makes sure we have exactly what we need when we need it.

Let's move from fear of not having to the realization that God has already provided everything we will ever need.  We must take that knowledge and do as Paul told Timothy. "Do rich in good works, ready to give and willing to share" 1 Timothy 6:18.

Remember, God always provides a ram in the bush when we need it most.” -Ben Smith via email

Treasurer’s Report:

“Ok team meeting#1 brought in 40$ team meeting# 2+3 brought in 395.00. Then we spent 12.56 at ace hardware and 55.97 at copy shop then $1.43. at copy shop. $12.72 at family dollar $101.59 at little Caesars. Then I sent 218.19 out for pictures I then got money from team meeting #4 which was 275.00 also registration fees from the weekend which is $304.00. in total that brings us to $1591.37 in the bank. 

I'm sorry we can't make it we have a wedding to attend. We will be at the next meeting however. “ -Breezy Dutton via email

Mel brought up that we should see a report, and what the receipts are for, not just hey we spent so much money at the dollar store. We need to know how much is spent on what items. 

It was also mentioned that we need to have an audit done.

Anita Bikowitz motioned to receive the treasurers report as written. Mitch 2nd the motion to receive the report. All in favor, motion carried.

Secretary/Historian/Registrations Report:

We had some registrations that were received for the last weekend that did not attend. Mel will be sending them out for this upcoming weekend. 

Mel found more pictures for the historian book. 

Mel asked if the board meeting minutes should be printed out and put into a historian book.  As there has been some printed out and put in the current historian book. So there will be a new binder specifically for board meeting minutes.

Inventory Report:

Mitch is waiting on Toby to see if he has emptied the trailer and had it weighed and then it is up to Breezy to get the new plate for it. If not the trailer will have to be marked tool crib for another weekend. 

Weekend 41 Report:

Delayed because no one is in attendance from the weekend.


The website was down for a bit, but Mel got it up and running again. 

Mel suggested that we keep only 12 months of meeting minutes on the website so we don’t use up all the data we have available on it.

Mel is working on getting the team list on the website and the updated weekend info on the website.

Linda said some of the website is hard to read. Mel said she would look into it and try to fix said problems.



Anita got it finished. The license number is #11592434. Contact Anita for song approval.

A copy of the wording for the ccli licensing should be put in each of the songbooks. We will be deciding as a board as to if we will be having songbooks that we let take home after the weekend or not.

Outreach Weekend

Still working on getting people on the weekend. We spoke of having roamers as opposed to security. Roamers are something that the Muskegon Deco T.E.C. has used. Spoke about possibilities of people staying Thursday night before for the people traveling. The Board agreed on having commissioning and potluck at first meeting. Also offer commissioning opportunity at all meetings.

Next meeting is scheduled July 18th, 2019 at 6pm via phone call or at Mamrelund Lutheran Church. 4085 Lutheran Rd. Kent City, MI 49330


Continued prayers for Linn, Bill Lewandowski passed away and would like prayers for his family, prayers for Melissa’s health, prayers for Mitch and his health. Prayers for understanding of a dream Mitch had.

Melissa closed us in prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 3:59pm

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