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July 2019 Meeting Minutes

Deco T.E.C. board meeting minutes July 2019


Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Dan Sharpe, Anita Bikowitz, Mike Emerson, Angel Dutton, Breezy Smith, Jeanette Swartout, Dana O’Dell (via phone)

Board meeting came to order at 10:18am

Ben Smith opened us in prayer

Approval of June meeting minutes:

Anita motined to accept the minutes as written, Breezy 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

President Report:

We will wait til new business to talk about what we need to focus on. Other than that...We are all awesome. 

Spiritual Director Report:

We need to understand that God is a God of Law and order. The entire Bible is fashioned after Basuba which is a legal marriage document from the Jewish culture. It’s everything he does is about order. That’s why he gave the hebrews the Ten Commandments. And one of those Ten Commandments is Thou shall not bear false witness. In the court of law in today’s America if one person comes in and said this person did that and they have no evidence proving the sort, that case is going to get thrown out. You are innocent until proven guilty. We need to keep that in mind if God is Love, God is a God of order and Law, then he wants us to follow his same pattern. We need to keep that in mind with what we are going through today. 

Treasurer Report:

Breezy sent the money for the weekend and a thank you letter, but it came back in the mail. So, nothing has changed in the account. $1591.37 because the church can’t cash the check yet. 

We should possibly send an email and check into finding a way to send the money electronically.

Ben Receives the motion of the treasurer report. Anita 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

Secretary/Historian/Registration Report:

Mel forgot to bring the updated historian book. The post office box has been empty. Mel had not got the minutes on the website yet. Anita brought a binder to put all the printed minutes in.

Inventory Report:

Toby still has one of the trailers. Toby hasn’t responded to Mitch as to when we will get it back. Toby said he would get the trailer weighed and get the plate for it.

The totes have not been restocked. 

Linda said she checked on the totes while they were on the end of the weekend to check out to make sure they were properly packed.

Linda mentioned to take pictures of what was in the totes so people can see them.

Weekend #42 Report:

Weekend #42 is officially the Fall weekend now, as the Outreach weekend had to be postponed to spring, for lack of getting enough people to work in time.

Linda mentioned that Dana O’Dell would like to not have skits, but have a family game night instead.

Linda mentioned that choosing musicians for the weekend we should be more careful how we should pair them. Tim Gardner continued to go talk to Mike the prayer warrior instead of being at the table. Karlee Corwin did the same by not being at her table.

Jeanette asked about the director telling the team member about the responsibilities. And how the director needs to emphasize that to the team.

Mike mentioned that Tim was having a lot of anxiety about not practicing the songs.

Linda stated she would love to see Tim on the future weekends however he needs to stay with the area he needs to.

Dana O’Dell had the church tied down for October 25-27 at Kalkaska United Methodist Church. She has read over the by-laws and would like to have Angel Dutton as her co-director. She mentioned sometimes change is good. She is meeting with Rhonda about the pre weekend meeting dates and post weekend meeting dates this week. 

Linda asked Dana about the skits. Dana feels that the skits make and poke fun at people. With the world we live in she feels the skits say it’s ok to bully/make fun of. She would like to do a family fun night. Ben mentioned that he doesn’t like the skits, however if we are going to do skits they need to make sure when it’s time to work on skits they shouldn’t make fun of people.. It should be an overview of the weekend. We should give them order to work with.. Jeanette feels that the young adults that do the skits blossom with they really don’t like to go in front of people. But tend to benefit from them. Anita mentioned she doesn’t like skits either. Anita mentioned she had a dutch auction on one of her weekends instead. She also mentioned doing pillow cases instead of back tags, but they did them during skit time.

Sounds like the board is open to not doing skits, depending on what the Director has in mind. However the board thinks there should be skits unless brought to the boards attention.

Linda said as President she was not notified a lot about things on weekend#41. For instance no security.

Old Business:

Trailer Plate - Waiting on Toby Erwin.

Weekend Security -  No security, no weekend. There must be security on the weekend in place in plenty of time before the weekend… It would be good with backup just in case. Would be good to have husband and wife teams.

Outreach weekend -  Has been postponed to the spring. Possibly the 2nd or 3rd weekend in March in Kent City. Not enough time to pull together and not enough people willing to work. Linda mentioned that it could be held in Cadillac. Anita mentioned White Cloud.

New Business

Due to persons being highly allergic to foods/scents it would be good to have no scents at the board meeting and the weekends.

Letter Received - The board, and many others received a letter from Dan Fritzche about leaving the board. 

Linda met with Dan and Wanda Fritzsche about Dan leaving the board. Linda also met with Rober Collier (Linda and Mitch’s pastor) about the situation and the letter they received as board members. The concesis of the board was the letter was one sided. After hearing from both parties involved, the board feels they accept Dan’s resignation and accept the explanation of the other party mentioned in the letter. Also after much discussion the board feels that no further action is necessary.

The board also decided if there is a male/female prayer partners in the future, that we have a third party (ex, a spouse, or the president) be part of the texting/messages/emails.

Anita Motioned to maintain our status Quo Angel stays in the position she is in and continues working with Deco T.E.C. as she has in the past with no repercussions. Dan Sharpe 2nd the motion.

Anita motioned that Conversations between the Director and Co-Director should be included with a third person (ex. Head wheat team leader, president, or another member of the board), but should always include a third person. Mike 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

The board was asked for Angel to be Co on Dana’s weekend and Mitch motioned to allow that. Jeanette 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

The board talked about Mel being Mike’s co on his weekend and Breezy motioned for that to happen. Ben 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

Jeanette questioned why we have male/female directors/co-directors, as opposed to two females/two males. Linda said she was told on weekend 13 that some teens might not be comfortable with one of the sexes, and we want to give them that opportunity to be able to talk to a male or female that they might be more comfortable with. 


Dan Sharpe had a concern about living so far away as him being the vice president.

Linda has a concern for her daughter Teresa and Son in Law.

Prayers for Teresa and Paul, and Dan and Wanda Fritzsche.

Ben Smith Closed us in prayer.

Date/Time/Place of net meeting: August 17th, 2019, 2 PM KUMC

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