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January 2019 Meeting Minutes

January 19, 2019 Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Melissa (Mel) Dunn, Angel Dutton, Amber Povey, Morgan Povey, Dan Fritzsche, Dan Sharpe, Mike Emerson

Mitch opened us in prayer.

Minutes approval from November 2018

Angel voted to accept the minutes as written. Amber 2nd the motion for the approval. Motion carried.

President report:

Linda spoke of being on the board for many years.  She stated a motto about let your yes be yes and no be no. If you are going to be on the board you shouldn’t miss meetings. The meetings are at the 3rd Saturday of the month. Linda suggested that we go to every other month for meetings. 

Dan S. brought up how some things are done in the T.E.C. he is involved in.

Linda spoke of reasons why people could not be at the board meetings.

It is our responsibility to make sure we can be at the meetings.

Dan S. said that board members could count for attendance using multimedia, for example skype in or call during the board meeting.

Linda would like someone to write up something to having someone on the board be by proxy.

Linda will make a board group on Facebook as Northern Michigan Decolores Teens Encounter Christ. That way all will be able to be contacted that way and keep up with updates and goings on of the board. Linda also said she would get ahold of Isaac Smith to talk about closing out the old Facebook board page.

We do need some committees and subcommittees.

Goals for this year is to help T.E.C. run more smoother.

Spiritual Report:

None, Ben Smith is not present for the meeting and did not provide anything.

Linda mentioned looking for a new Spiritual director, with Ben being preoccupied with his family duties.

Treasurer Report:

Breezy Smith sent this via email as she was not in attendance.

“In Nov we started with $2103.89 I bought 400 checks for $45.95 which brought us to a total of $2058.03. 

Now the beginning of December I have sent $100.00 to Jennet. $119.48 to David Stockford to reimburse him for pictures. Also I wrote a check to the church for $167.49. I received a receipt showing they bought a new pan and I used the same check to reimburse them. Which brings us to a total of $1671.06 in the month of December. Nothing has changed I haven't received or sent / spent any money in the last month. 

I have also received the receipts from the cooks. They spent $641.81 plus a $50.00 gift card which brought them to a total expense of $691.81.

Also the info for the CCLI is this

Mark at CCLI.  His phone number is 800-234-2446, extension 1412.

When or if you need to send a check let me know.”

Linda brought up how people have misused the funds that have been given for food on the weekend. 

Dan F. spoke on his experience as being a cook and the allocation of funds, what was needed.

Dan F. moved to accept the report as given. Morgan 2nd. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Secretary/Historian/Registration Report:

Linda spoke how the role came to be.

Melissa mentioned that there is no registrations currently.

She also mentioned how she felt about the check and letter being sent to the church after the last T.E.C. meeting and how it was sent quite a bit after the weekend.

Melissa needs to go through the items she received from Caroline Bartlett. Mel will talk about what else might be needed at the next board meeting. We spoke of how the Historian book was looked at quite a bit on the Indian River weekend, however not so much on the last weekend in Kalkaska.


February Mitch is going to take the two trailers to a friends to take a full inventory of everything out of the totes and trailers. So if anyone would like to help with that everyone is welcome. Melissa suggested that the 16th  starting at noon we have our meeting there and all work on the trailers. 

We need 60-70 sheets for the foams.

Board meeting will be at noon on February 16th. Bring snacks and drinks.

Linda and Angel spoke of how things have to be labeled for T.E.C. during the weekend. 

Linda spoke of how the totes need to be packed up how they have been found.

Amber said that we should clean the tailers out every time we have a weekend and have it be a community event.

Old Business:

CCLI license, Breezy was going to get ahold of Ed Halverson. We now have to buy our own. Linda suggested that we contact Ed and see what our options are. Mitch will call Ed and ask if he could take care of the CCLI for us.

Web page has been started by Mitch. Melissa said she can help Mitch. Linda said we should vote on a web master.  Dan F. 1st that Mitch and Melissa being the webmasters. Angel 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

We are out of wheat and would like people to make wheat.  We discussed having a wheat party.

Angel brought up that JR SKiver would like to have a shut in, get together for the T.E.C. family.

Dan F. said he could make copies for wheat as well. Dan F. said he could type stuff up also. And put stuff on flash drives for Deco T.E.C.

New Business:

Dan Sharpe shared muskegon Deco T.E.C. board meeting info. They are talking about starting another T.E.C. down there in the muskegon area. Also looking at having a weekend in the summer, but under our jurisdiction. 

Mike Emerson gave us a letter to be considered for the next Director.

We do need a vice president. 

Directors Report:

May 17-19 should be the weekend at the church in Vanderbuilt at Paster John’s church.. Paster Todd Shafer is a confirmed Spiritual director. Maybe have Ari, Tayler and Karlee be in the music section.

Spoke of possibility of Gil Smith being a spiritual director. So we spoke of the qualifications of a spiritual director.

Scripture Romans 3:23-4


Prayer requests: Linsey from muskegon board. Melissa Dunn with the Cancer. Traveling mercies for Dan S. and Mike E. to get home.


Next Meeting is at Terry Berden’s place at noon, February 16th 2019. Bring snacks and drinks. Call Mitch for directions.

Mitch closed us in prayer at 4:13pm. Meeting adjourned.

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