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February 2019 Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2019 Northern Michigan Deco T.E.C. Board meeting minutes


Mitch Mitchem, Linda Mitchem, Melissa Dunn, Breezy Smith, Ben Smith, Dan Sharpe, Mike Emerson, Jeanette Swartout (via phone)

Meeting started at 12:19pm 

Ben Smith opened us in prayer.

Meeting Minutes:

Ben made the motion to accept the minutes as read. Breezy 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

President report:

Let your yes be yes. Linda is concerned with this being we made this meeting scheduled at the last meeting and now several people did not show up due to making other plans. On the way home, Linda made a Facebook page for the board so everyone would know of the goings on. Northern Michigan Teens Encounter Christ Board was made of Facebook right after the last meeting.

Spiritual Director Report:

Ben Smith spoke of integrity. Ben brought up some things he has been thinking of. He brought up how Mitch is a permanent prayer warrior position. Also it was brought up how he feels that Linda was elected as the Vice President with lack of board members making the decision. Ben brought up the issue how Kathy Armstrong was handled as well. 

Linda began talking about things being approved by the board.

Treasurer’s report:

Breezy wanted to know if we should keep the paperwork from 2011. Everyone is in agreement of getting rid of 2011 paperwork for treasury things.

Begging of the month the total is $1671.06.   $1666.29 with $4.77 coming out from the account for Duct Tape. With a ending total of $1666.29 at the end of the month. Mitch motioned to accept the motion to accept the Report as written. Mel 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion passed.


Melissa is looking to have someone possibly take over due to her health. She mentioned Jeanette Swartout at least to help out.  It was mentioned that Angel is working on the Alfa list.

There is no registrations that have been received as of yet.


We are having a worker bee after the meeting to go through the trailers.

Director Report:

Dan F. and Angel D. were absent, however Dan sent an updated list of the team.

 Vanderbuilt Community Church

DecoTEC Weekend #41

Weekend Date   May 17-19 2019

Meeting Dates and Times      March 31st 2-4 pm April 14th 2-4 pm      April 28th 2-6 (double meeting) May 16th Setup and Potluck   (time to be announced) Best Weekend Ever May 17-19


Follow up mettings       May 26 June 9th


Best to contact via

Scripture:  Romans 3:23-24

Song:  Reckless Love

Cory Ashbury


Dan Fritzsche



Angel Dutton


Head Wheat Leader

Dana O'dell



Muscle Wheat Leader

Toby Ervin

Talk Room Wheat Leader

Mellody Halverson

Wheat Room Leader

Kathy Armstrong


1. Faith Cudney

2. Amber Povey

3. Sarah Masters

4. Morgan Povey

5. Gabe Ervin

6. Hailey Hayes

7. Rhylee Hall

8. Amythyst Gibbs

9. Morgan Weirs

10. Sterling Black

Table Leaders

1. Hannah Haynes

2. Samara Priest

3. Mel Dunn

4. Deanna Hagerman

5. Crystal Young

6. Jessica Mannziebell


Ideals:  Ashlyn Weirs


Christian Life:

Church POG: Chasity Festa

Univ Call to Holy: Laura Nelson

Single Life:  Karlee Corwin


C.C.I.A:  Hannah Haynes

Beyond T.E.C. : Mariah Keilor


Denny and Nancy Goff

Kitchen Help

Jared Povey


Ari Smith

Karlee Corwin

Old Business:

Muskegon Deco T.E.C. still exists, however Dan Sharpe, Mike Emerson and Anita Bikowitz would like to join our board.

Mitch would like to motion for Dan Sharpe, Mike Emerson and Anita Bikowitz as adults at large. Ben 2nd the motion. All in Favor, Motion carried.

Proxy votes include Angel Dutton, Amber Povey, Morgan Povey, Deanna Hagerman, Dan Fritzsche.

Mike Emerson would like to be a director of an “outreach” weekend, possibly to happen in the summer.

Website is in the process, Mitch and Mel are going to work on getting the new website up and running.

CCLI - Ed Halverson is planning on being the person to deal with that. 

Dan and Mike shared that Anita has a CCLI that she may be able to transfer to this Deco T.E.C. Anita also has the song book stuff all figured out.

Mitch will get ahold of Ed Halverson so they can get with Anita to get with her to get things hashed out about that.


The next board meeting is in Kalkaska United Methodist on March 16, 2019 2-4.

Bring a snack to pass.

Eva Ferguson had a baby, congratulations, and she is engaged also now.

Prayers for Melissa and her health. Also prayers for Melissa’s kids.

Prayers for Teresa Dunn and the baby she is carrying.

Ben closed us in prayer.

Breezy motioned to close the meeting at 2:14pm. Mel 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

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