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February 15, 2020 T.E.C. Board meeting minutes

Deco T.E.C. board meeting minutes February 15,2020


Dan Sharpe, Michael Emerson, Melissa Dunn, Dan Castle, Angel Dutton, Amber Povey, Kathy Armstrong, Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem

Meeting called to order ar 11:14am

Dan S. opened us in prayer.

Approval of minutes:

Linda motioned to accept minutes as written from December. Kathy 2nd the motion. All in favor motion passed.

President’s report:

Dan S. wanted to thank everyone for doing what they do. We are on the board of directors as a teen ministry and we should be good stewards of the ministry.

Spiritual Director:

Open position... still needed.

Linda shared something she read on facebook.

Angel shared about a book she is reading.

Dan S. thinks we need a volunteer from the board to do a devotional each meeting til we get a spiritual director.  Kathy volunteered for the position for next month.

Robert Collier will be asked if he would like to fill the position and Todd Shafer aslo.

Treasurer Report:

Angel Dutton reported January 2020 Check deposited from Dan Sharpe for $50. KUMC and David Stockford cashed their checks for $150 and $95. The total balance in the bank is $1530.97.

Linda motioned to receive the report as written. Amber 2nd the motion. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

Secretary/Historian/registration/Web designate report:

Nothing in the post office box. No new registrations. Mel will be working to update the Alpha list.

Inventory Report: Mtich Mitchem for Toby Evin

Need toilet paper and paper towels, but everything else is good.

Outreach weekend report: Mike Emerson

Freemont United Methodist church is the church for the weekend. Scheduled for the third weekend of March. March 20-22, 2020. With set up on the 19th.

People can stay Thursday night there before the weekend if needed.

Old Business:

Trailer Plate: Need a name for it to go into. Dan S. will talk to Muskegon. Linda will talk to NE Decolores about getting the trailer plated with their info.

Website and Facebook pages:

Facebook pages made can not be taken down. We will write on them about them no longer working, or no longer being updated.

Song Books:

We will be printing out a new songbooks once a year with the two new songs of the year.

New Business:

Spring weekend selection. The board had JJ Rowell and Gary Eagly in the hat. They were both qualified and prayed about. Gary was chosen out of the hat to be the next director of the spring weekend.

Kathy brought up about things the prayer warriors could be doing while on the weekend while not technically praying. Linda let everyone know that they are always praying.  Amber suggested that the prayer warriors should be pointed out by the director on the weekend. Kathy is saying that the team and teens would like to see more involvement with the prayer warriors on the weekend.

List maintenance:

Dan and Mel are going to work on the alpha list.

Want to work is suppose to be given to the current director.

Spiritual director recruitment

Date/time/place: March 19th 2020 Freemont United Methodist church time tbd


Prayers are needed for Samara Priest

Traveling mercies for Mel, Samara, JD, Tyleen, Rachel and Elizabeth

Prayers for Mitch for his treatment at the VA.

Prayers for our country

Prayer for Angel and her pain

Linda Motioned to close, Amber 2nd the motion. Meeting adjourned at 1:20pm.

Dan S. closed us in prayer.

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