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Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting minutes 1-16-2021 

Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting minutes 1-16-2021

Attendance: Dan Sharpe, Michael Emerson, Mitch Mitchem, Melissa(Mel) Dunn, Anita Bikowitz, Joseph Priest, Breezy Smith, Scott Rutzen, Angel Dutton, Amber Povey, Kathy Armstrong.

Scott opened us in prayer.

President Report: We don’t want to focus on the past. We need to look up to the Lord. If people want to meet in person Breezy said an option would be to meet at the Assembly of God in Grayling.

Spiritual Director Report:

Not much to report. Breezy will call Todd Shafer and Caroline to see about a spiritual director manual for Scott.

Scott thinks we should focus on God and listen. It will be hard with all the noise going on right now. But we must listen to God.

If we find the manuals, Dan is willing to help get them picked up/delivered.

Treasurer’s Report:

$864.01 in our account. Angel paid $94. Out of her pocket as a donation for the trailer plate. Anita said as a 501c3 we have to have a record of this. Anita made a motion to receive the treasurers report as given. Amber 2nd the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Secretary/Registration/Historian/Web Designate:

Melissa went to the doctors, she has been taken off chemo. The Doctor wants her to go on hospice. The doctor believes 6 months is the timeline.

She is going to have to have someone take over these positions sooner than later.

Amber motions to accept the minutes from December as written. Kathy 2nd the motion. All in favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Inventory: No change. The trailers should be picked up this week and moved to Grayling.

Old Business:

We still have no nomination for the vice president. Breezy brought up possibly Amber Povey for that. The board discussed the by laws for that possibility as far as if she meets qualifications.

CCLI does not need to be renewed currently. We won’t renew til we know we will be having weekends again.

Bible trivia had the last meeting. We talked about having a final question added so they can catch up with points, similar to Jeopardy.

We should be scheduling these like once a month at least to keep the teens engaged in T.E.C.

Dan would like someone to take over inviting people to this and promote this. Anita suggested JD take this position on. 7pm February 9th, 2021.

New Business:

Renewal weekend - pray about it and talk about it next month.

Prayer requests: Prayers for our country, Nola is having circulation issues with her health, Renewal weekend. Melissa and her health and family. Scott’s health. Prayers for the church body as a whole.

Scott prayed us out.

Next meeting February 20, 2021, 11am virtual

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