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December 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

Deco TEC meeting minutes December 21, 2019

Attendance: Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Dan Sharpe, Angel Dutton, Mike Emerson, Anita Bikowitz, Ben Smith, Breezy Smith, Dan Castle, Kathy Armstrong, Charlie Armstrong.

Meeting started at 2:20pm

President Report:

Linda is thankful for this year and the help she has gotten. She asked that we keep Jeanette Swartout in prayer. She is sick and couldn’t make this meeting.  Also Amber Povey couldn’t make the meeting because she is traveling from Arizona.


Kathy made a motion to accept the minutes as written. Ben 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.


Breezy stated the account has $1575.97 in it. Mitch motioned to accept as read. Ben 2nd the motion. All in favor motion carried.

Inventory: Mitch had two trailers he is turning over to Toby around March. And Mitch will assist Toby in taking over the Inventory position. Mitch is also working on a list of suggestions on where to purchase items at a better price.

Old Business:

Dan Castle spoke of why he would like to be an adult at large on the board. He attends Kalkaska United Methodist Church. 

Joseph Priest (JD) spoke of the some things he does. He attends Salvation Army church and does Squad which is a youth program through the Salvation Army.

Paige Barkway is still interested in being on the board.

Mitch is going from Inventory to Adult at Large. He spoke of why he wanted to be Adult at large.

Toby accepted the position to be the Inventory person.

Spiritual director still needs to be found.

Roll call vote was done to vote in new board positions.

Outreach/Spring weekend:

Pastor Mike said the dates should work out.

Muskegon weekend has been moved to the first weekend in May. Meetings are Sundays from 1-3.

Mike has the spiritual directors covered. 

We will need a spring weekend now. We need to have to have a Director for the spring. Some possibilities were discussed.


The next board meeting will be January 18th, 2020 at 11am at Kalkaska United Methodist Church.

Prayers for Michael Dunn-Haley. Prayers for Nola Ervin, Melissa Dunn. Special Thank you and prayer that Dan Sharpe is becoming president.

Circled up for prayer.  Ben Smith closed us in prayer.

Meeting adjourned at 3:40pm

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