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Board meeting minutes September 26, 2020

Deco-T.E.C. Board meeting minutes September 26, 2020

Attendance: Dan Sharpe, Angel Dutton, Breezy Smith, Anita Bikowitz, Dan Castle, Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Michael Emerson, Amber Povey.

Dan Sharpe prayed us in.

President Report:

Dan feels that he isn’t happy where he is, and he hasn’t accomplished anything. But with the whole Covid thing it’s hard. Dan wants us to keep us honest. Dan still needs to send Melissa some paperwork.

Angel stated its so hard to stay on top of things with the Covid thing. 

Linda thinks we are trying to get together even though it be on video chat we are still moving forward.

Secretary/Historian/Registration/web designate:

Anita motioned to receive the minutes as written. angel 2nd the motion. All in favor, motion carried.

Linda would like us to update the website about checking back for future updates as to weekends.

Dan Sharpe will write up something for that to be posted on the website addressing that issue.

Treasurers Report:

$930.97 is still the balance.

Angel went to the secretary of state, they were looking for a description of the trailer and a vin number. Mitch and Linda will send a picture of the trailer to get the info to Angel to get the trailers taken care of. 

Linda made a motion to receive the treasurer's report as written.  Amber 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

New Business:

Angel brought up if Caroline Bartlett could be the spiritual director for the board. She is eligible because she has been part of T.E.C. since before 2012. 

We will want to have someone on board soon. So we can start having weekends.

If we want a spring weekend we will have to have meetings soon. 

Dan Sharpe will need to contact Caroline to see if she is interested. Todd Shafer could also be an option for the spiritual director.  Dave Bartlett would be good to have on the board also. He could take over the CCLI.

Breezy said that she will call Todd if Caroline declines.

Old Business:

Dan will talk to Caroline and Dave. 

Dan will need a statement to put on the website. Also a president blurb of sorts.

Bible Trivia: We will be able to meet via video chat every week or two weeks. Dan Sharpe wants to go live with the trivia a week after Oct. 17th. Anita suggests doing it on Sunday night. Possibly Saturday afternoon. Amber thinks Saturday would be good. That would fall on October 24th.

Renewal weekend:

Renewal weekends are meant for people that have already been on weekends before. You would pay to be on the weekend. There would be no palanka.

This is the schedule JR Skiver has come up with.

Saturday- Deco-TEC Get together starting at NOON- 

Theme: Breakthrough 

12:30 PM Lunch Pizza Party 

1 pm- Games/Free time/Group time/ 4th Day Check ups

3 pm- Sanctuary Worship – JR Skiver 

I surrender Scene

Hospital Scene

Message: It’s time to serve God in his house

Songs: The Fathers House- Cory Asbury 

Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone 

Come Now Is the Time to Worship

Blessed Be Your Name


3:45 pm- Free time/ Group Activity/ Skits but with rules (Laughter Time/ Secret Judges) 

5:30 pm Dinner Chicken Tenders/ Mac and Cheese/ Salad

7 pm- Sanctuary Worship- JR Skiver

Message: It’s time to have faith

You’re the best scene

Dr’s scene

Oceans Scene

Songs: Glorious Day 


This is Amazing Grace 

Open the eyes of my heart Lord 


7:45 pm- Music with Dylan? Fourth Day Check ups

8:30 pm- Ice Cream Social 

9 pm- Breakthrough Movie 

Midnight- Lights Out


8 am- Pack up 

9 am- Breakfast- Eggs/Bacon/Pancakes LOTS OF COFFEE

10 am- Church Worship 

11 am- Fellowship 

Noon- Lunch- Sandwiches 

1 pm Last Worship- JR Skiver

Message: God answers prayers 

Songs: Nobody

Lord I Lift Your Name on High 




1:45 pm Group 4th Day Check ups

3 pm- Time to go Home

*JR also has a church lined up in Mesick.

We won’t start having team meetings til February, so the board is not sure where we are going with this weekend. Anita mentioned we need talks on the weekend.

Dan Shape suggested we do a renewal weekend in June/July. We will have to get the renewal schedule and meld it together with JR’s schedule.

Gary is still on board for a spring weekend. He’s just waiting for the go ahead from the board.

Prayers for Ed Snook, he was diagnosed with rapid onset dementia. Prayers for Pastor Bubba’s family. Prayers for Ken for safe travels. Prayers for healing for Mitch after his knee surgery. Prayers for Mel’s health and ease with the moving process.

Breezy prayed us out.

October 17th 2020 is the next scheduled meeting

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