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Board Meeting minutes August 22, 2020

Deco T.E.C. Board meeting minutes August 22, 2020

Attendance: Dan Sharpe, Amber Povey, Anita Bikowitz, Linda Mitchem, Melissa Dunn, Joseph Priest, Mitch Mitchem

Dan Sharpe prayed us in.

President Report: 

We need to talk about how to get the tribes together.

Secretary/treasurer/historian/web designate:

Linda made a motion to receive the minutes as written, Amber 2nd the motion. All in favor. Motion carried.

Melissa talked about her health. Dan Sharpe prayed for Melissa.


Angel is not present, but nothing has changed.


Everything is the same as last month.

Spiritual Director report:

Still seeking a spiritual director.

Linda asked for prayers for her church, with the loss of Pastor Robert (Bubba) Collier.

Pastor Todd Shafer is still an option and Carolyn Bartlett.

New Business:

Dan Sharpe will contact Dan Castle about what his intentions are for continuing on the board.

Anita created a room to have open meetings on the Deco T.E.C. page to do trivia to win scholarships for the weekends. Anita explained the ins and outs of the trivia and how it should work.

Everyone should jot down ideas for ideas for the trivia.

Dan Sharpe brought up that JR Skiver would like to set up something to get together for everyone to have some fellowship.

Pray for Mitch, he had his MRI and they are still talking surgery on his knee. 

Mitch prayed us out.


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