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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

April 20, 2019 Deco T.E.C. Board Meeting Minutes


Linda Mitchem, Mitch Mitchem, Dan Sharpe, Dan Fritzsche, Ben Smith, Breezy Smith, Mike Emerson, Anita Bikowitz, Angel Dutton, Morgan Povey, Amber Povey, Mel Dunn

Board meeting started at 2:15pm

Opening prayer by Dan Sharpe

Meeting minutes:

Melissa read the previous meeting minutes. Breezy motioned to accept the minutes as written. Angel 2nd the motion. All in favor, none opposed. Motion carried.

President Report:

Everyone was handed a new updated copy of the bylaws with the amendments. Linda mentioned she hasn’t seen a signature page that is signed with the President/vice President and secretary signatures on it. Linda asked Angel about the outside Security position description that has been talked about being needed and Angel said she was working on it, but wasn’t sure how to word it yet. Also Outside team member position description is needed as well. Outside team member security should be what it should be titled. 

Sometimes we get overwhelmed and say things and we don’t necessarily mean it. We are human and make mistakes. 

Spiritual Director report:

God is a God of planning and order. Ben spoke of Matthew 6:33. Ben has been doing a lot of studying of leadership. We should be putting first things first. God should be first. God is a God of order. Put Christ first and allow that to rule us, not our emotions.

Treasurer Report:

Cooks have been paid and there was things bought at Walmart. The ending total was $1021.60. Mitch motioned to accept the treasurer report. Amber 2nd the motion. All in Favor. None opposed. Motion carried.

Secretary/Historian/Registration Report:

The mailbox has recieved no new registrations for the weekend. 

The historian stuff is put together.

Angel asked if the applications would be easier to mail them to me or bring to a team meeting or what. Mel addressed that issue that if there is time to have them mailed then that would work, however if they are scanned and sent to Melissa prior to the weekend it is much easier. Currently there has been no applications turned in.

Inventory Report:

Dan Sharpe, Mike Emerson, Mitch, Linda and Melissa helped organize the trailers, made a list of all that was in the totes, numbered the totes 1-22. Angel mentioned that she has flowers for the wedding feast tote.

Mitch mentioned that there will be papers stating what is in the tote attached to the tote, also on the doors of the trailer.

Jeanette asked if there will be a copy of list of tote/contents in a binder or somewhere so we have it in one spot to look.

Mitch and Linda agreed to do that. Possibly put it in the Wheat Leader tote.

Linda and Angel talked about Dana O’Dell getting the totes and bags for being the Wheat Leader for the weekend.

Mitch mentioned that one trailer has three stacks of foam pads and 6 tables, the other trailer has one stack of foam pads and all the totes. The trailers have to be packed the way the same way all the time or everything won’t fit. 

Old Business:

Trailer Plate - Breezy can’t find the paper that she got to get the trailer registered and plated for DecoT.E.C. that she received from BJ Phillips. Angel said Jim Book could get it weighed while we are on the next weekend while it is empty.

Website - Melissa mentioned that Mitch and her worked on the website. To get the transferred over, we will need to pay for. It’s $11 per month. With a $15 transfer of the domain name.

Bob Sturm said he would eat the bill from the previous year for the website if we transfer it. Mel did start a new email for Deco T.E.C.. It is That way we can put that on all websites, and people could email applications to it as well. Melissa will monitor this email for T.E.C. 

Mitch offered to pay for the first year of the website.

Breezy could put away the monthly payment every month to save up for the yearly payment when it comes due.

Angel asked about getting a paypal connected to the website as well. Also Melissa should look into how much it will cost for that to happen.

Dan Fritzsche motioned to go forward with paying for the WIX website. Amber 2nd the motion. Motion carried.

We still need sheets for the foams to be covered, Angel asked how many we have/need. We need close to 60/65 and have close to 20. Angel mentioned Jackie is working at the thrift store and can get some there.

501 c 3 - Breezy has the tax id number, she got it when she went to the bank.

Mel suggested to put a copy of the number in the cook’s binder.

CCLI - Anita said she could get that going for us and would donate it to T.E.C. 

Dan Sharpe talked about how it’s nice to be able to keep the song books. 

Anita spoke of possibly having the same songbook cover and changing the inside sheet of the songbooks for every weekend. Dan and Anita would work on the songbooks.

Outreach weekend - Everyone is in favor of Mike Emerson would like it held in Grand Rapids, possible at Mamrelund Lutheran Church end of July. 12 yes votes 0 no votes for Mike to be the Director of the outreach weekend.

Vice President - The board talked about Dan Sharpe and Jeanette Swartout being in the position.  We voted for Dan to be the Vice President with 11 yes votes. Dan accepted the position. 

New Business:

Fall Director: Jeanette Swartout was asked to be the next director and accepted the role. Dan F. moved that we make an exception to accept Jeanette with her lack of not having given a talk previously. To accept her qualifications as they are. Ben 2nd. The motion.

13 votes for Jeanette for upcoming director. Jeanette accepted the position as director.

Director report:

First meeting went well. Kitchen help is good. Lost one. But still getting the security in place. Ben Sexton’s son whom is 13 on the weekend.

May 4th is the make up meeting.


Breezy had her baby. Beau Dutton joined the national guard. Prayers for Mel with her health. Prayers for Angels Mom (Nola), and Uncle Dan. Prayers for William Armstrong. Teresa and Paul Floch after transitioning on losing another baby. Prayers for Michael Dunn-Haley and his wife Courtney for their faith. Prayers for the upcoming weekends. 

Next meeting is May 16, 2019 at 5pm and will be a conference call.

Meeting closed at 4:10 with Ben smith closed us in prayer

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